Another Massacre in Colorado

While the facts are still unfolding regarding the massacre in a Century movie theater in Colorado, one thing is certain.  A man named James Holmes 24, walked in to a movie theater and decided to turn it in to his personal killing field.  I am sure it brings back memories of the Columbine High School massacre which occurred not more than fifteen miles from this early morning’s massacre.  There is no other information at this time because the investigation is still unfolding.  But there are a few points to be made.  Why is a beautiful state like Colorado, home to roughly five million people, the site of another massacre?  At first thought, perhaps it’s the thin air.  But that’s probably not a sufficient explanation.  The answer is, no one really knows.  But one thing is certain, when massacres like this happen in such close proximity, something is very, wrong.  Things happen for a reason.  There is a cause and effect for almost everything, with a very small percentage of outliers.  Murderers and rapists have pasts which explain their abhorrent behavior.  Another question, not completely related, begs answering.  Why is a four month old and a six-year-old at a PG-13 movie, showing at 12:30 in the morning?  What kind of crazy parenting is that?  I don’t need the facts or the explanation, that’s just bad parenting.  I’m not sure about life in Colorado since I’ve never lived there but that’s unbelievable to me.  Having said that, and of course, no one else will, this murderer deserves the death penalty.  And although it won’t happen, putting someone to death like this animal is humane to both him and the society in which he lives.  It’s neither cruel nor unusual.  James Holmes is 24 years old.  If he receives life in prison, it means tax dollars will be spent feeding and clothing him for what might amount to another 50 years.  That makes no sense to me.  This country needs to establish a federal death penalty law that applies to mass murders such as what occurred this morning.   There should be a policy of punishment that fits the crime.  In this case, 12 dead and 50 injured, equals the death penalty.

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