The Human Fascination With Morbidity – Colorado Massacre

While the tragedy in Colorado is absolutely horrific and we extend our heartfelt collective sympathy to all of those directly affected, the question we should be asking is why we  find it so engrossing?  James Holmes is now a figure whose name will forever be synonymous with this massacre.  But he is nothing more than a cold-blooded murdering, piece of filth who should be tried, executed and forgotten.  Then, those left behind could grieve for their loved ones with the comfort there is closure.  Who cares about his background, his mommy and daddy, his siblings, what he was like in 4th grade, his hobbies.  He doesn’t deserve our time.  In fact, he is a Waste of Time.  The greatest honor to the memories of those murdered, would be not to give him any credence; to treat him as the non-entity he is.  This might not make sense to some or most people for that matter but it is the correct approach.  We human beings must stop treating tragedy with greater deference than goodness.  When was the last time a network reported around the clock on the good or charitable work someone was doing?  When was the last time you drove by an accident on the highway without rubber necking to see what happened?  When was the last time you turned off the news when people were standing outside watching their house burn down?  How does that affect us as individuals?  It doesn’t but we have a morbid curiosity.  It’s a terrible defect in the human psychology.  Other peoples’ tragedies are theirs.  We should  help if we can, but not look in voyeuristically as a peeping tom stares in a bedroom window.  It might actually make us happier, better human beings.  We must spend more time celebrating the beauty of life than staring at the tragedy of misery and death.  This is the last time I will ever write about or speak the name of James Holmes.  To all the victims and their families , I offer my heartfelt condolences.

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