Judo Throw #2 – Ouchi Gari – Major Inner Reaping Throw

Ouchi Gari is another judo throw which is highly effective in combat.  It can be executed from many different attacks.  But first you must learn the throw in a step-by-step approach…  Once again, the tori and uki hook up in normal kumi kata position.  This is another corner throw but instead of falling to his rear, right, corner, the uki falls to his rear, left corner.  On a right-sided throw, the tori steps in between the legs of the uki with his right leg.  Tori’s foot should be pointing to the right, rear corner.  The tori breaks balance by pulling out with the right hand and pushing in the same direction with the left.  This will force all of the uki’s weight on to his left foot.  Once that occurs, the tori bring up his left foot to meet his right in a “T” position.  The tori then throws the uki by sweeping the heel of the uki.  The tori should literally try to kick his own butt thereby assuring a strong sweep, (see the illustration above). Note: If executed properly, both feet of the uki may come off the ground.  It should certainly be the goal when used in combat.

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