Judo Throw #1 – Osoto Gari – Major Outer Reaping Throw

Osoto Gari is a rear corner throw.  The concept is to get your all of your uki’s weight on to either his right or left leg and then sweep that leg.  You can’t stand on no legs, so the throw comes off very effectively.  Specifically, the tori and the uki hook up in the standard kumi-kata position, (see previous judo post for definitions).  On a right-sided throw, the tori breaks the balance of the uki to his right, rear corner.   This is achieved by stepping to the outside of the uki’s right foot with your left foot and pulling with the left arm and pushing with the right, so the uki is now standing only on his right leg.  The grip is key here, as in this all judo throws.  It must be very tight with no play, so when you push and pull on the gi it moves the uki and not just the gi.  The uki is now completely off-balance with no base.  The tori then drives his right leg between him and the uki to a position parallel to the floor.  The tori then sweeps his leg through, hitting calf to calf, driving to a position where again the leg is parallel to the ground and the uki flies on to his back, both legs in the air.  This is a great combat judo and ju jitsu throw, used in many defenses.

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