Sally Ride – A True American Heroine

While there’s a lot going on in the news right now, it’s very important that we pay proper homage to Sally Ride, the first American woman to venture in to space.  I remember it well since it was the year I graduated from high school.  She was an incredible inspiration to my generation.  While 1983 was not exactly 1920, the year women were first allowed to vote in this country, her journey in to space was historic for women and for America.  Women were still fighting for equality as they are today.  Her venture in to space proved that women could do all of the non-conventional things men could do and just as well.  What I clearly remember about her flight as she walked out, headed to the Shuttle, was her demeanor.  She was obviously a strong and confident woman.  We take that for granted today but even twenty-nine short years ago, women were not often portrayed that way.  She was a role model for all of the young girls and women in this country who had never before seen a woman in that capacity.  Yes, a woman could be an astronaut, and she could also be a fighter pilot and a racecar driver.  One of my favorite sayings is “actions speak louder than words”  Sally Ride spoke volumes with her actions.  It’s difficult to believe such a strong woman could be taken so early in her life, with so much more to accomplish.  Life can’t always be measured by the number of years but by the quality of years.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact Sally Ride was training for another Challenger mission when, in 1986, Challenger blew up minutes into its flight.  It was a tragic day for this country and for the space program. But Sally Ride will always be remembered for breaking the gender barrier in the final frontier.  It’s no coincidence that her 1983 flight coincided with the change in the opening of the Star Trek movies from, “Where no man has gone before” to “Where no one has gone before”  Ride Sally Ride.

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