Challenging Michael Moore

Michael Moore is actually a really likeable guy although I often disagree with his positions.  In his interview with Piers Morgan he was clearly distressed about the shooting in Colorado as we all were.  But he actually made some disturbing comments and should recant.  At one point, he said he believed Americans were saying, “Hey, as long as it wasn’t my kid in that theater”.  He did this in his best or worst “red neck” accent.  That was completely out of line.  No Americans felt that way.  This was a collective tragedy affecting all of us.  In his impassioned plea, as so many often do, he brought his argument to a different level in order to make his point.  But it was completely unfair and flat-out wrong.  As a gun rights supporter, he clearly doesn’t understand that the vast majority of gun owners and supporters in this country, are law-abiding, family people.  The murderer, was one piece of garbage in a country of over three hundred million people.  Yes, one person caused terrible grief to so many and to this country as a whole but he is just one person.  How can you make an argument that one crazy lunatic, should dictate the way hundreds of millions of others live and conduct themselves.  Shooting is a sport for many of us, even right here in New York City, less than a mile from my office.  Everyday, there are far more children in this country and world affected by physical abuse, rape, and forced prostitution.  Where is Michael Moore’s anger over that?  Where is his documentary concerning those topics?   Once every ten years he gets to go on TV to complain about gun laws.  Why doesn’t he address the fact that actors and actresses are making tens of millions of dollars for basically doing nothing and then complaining about Romney’s wealth and the bankers ripping off the country.  I’ll tell you why, because he’s ok with that.  It must be the case or he wouldn’t be silent about it.  He is one of the 1%  as he knows.  But the difference between conservatives and liberals, is conservatives say “good for him”.   Michael Moore is a great film maker, despite the fact I disagree with his positions, and should be recognized and rewarded for that.   It’s what makes this country great.  I respect his right to his opinion, he should respect my right to mine.  He shouldn’t stereotype the gun owners in this country the way he does.  When doing that, he sounds as unintelligent and uninformed as the people he criticizes.  There are millions of educated, lawyers, doctors and business executives who responsibly own firearms.   If one of them was in that theater, perhaps the outcome would have been a little less tragic.

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