Racism Alive and Well at Olympic Games – Follow-Up

Follow-upAnother Olympic Athlete Expelled for Racist Comments

Yet another Olympic athlete has been expelled from the Olympics.  Michel Morganella, from Switzerland made racist and threatening comments against the soccer team from South Korea after the Swiss Team lost 2-1.  I won’t repeat his comments because they are as unimportant as he is, but he is obviously a cry baby and a sore loser; everything that is in direct contrast to what the Olympics are supposed to be about.  Players that do this should be banned for life from international competition.  It’s simply not enough to say I’m sorry after doing something on the world stage that is so very stupid.  People who aren’t racists, don’t make racist comments, period.  Back to the land of Cheese with you Michel.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.

The great thing about sports is it tends to bring out the best in people.  We all relate to each other through sports.  The barriers are torn down and all that matters is working together toward a common goal.  In 1947, eight years prior to the start of the civil rights movement and seventeen years prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it wasn’t a great time to be black in this country.  Racism was rampant, school segregation was legal and sitting in the back of the bus was the law in some parts of the country.  Then came Jackie Robinson.  He won the hearts of Brooklynites and Americans because he was a master of his craft.  He opened the doors for other greats like Henry Aaron and Willy Mays to demonstrate their remarkable abilities.  Hank Aaron would belt mammoth home runs on his way to becoming the all time home run leader, a record he still holds today, discounting Barry Bonds’ tainted record.  We in the United States probably play and watch more different sports than any other country on earth.  Just the other day I walked past the park near my house and observed baseball, football, soccer, basketball, cricket, golf and tennis all being played on the various fields.  Sports, like music, are universal, which brings me to the Olympic games which kick off this evening.   Prior to the opening ceremonies there was a controversy regarding Greek Triple Jumper Voula Papachristou who tweeted horrible comments, which I won’t repeat, regarding African immigrants.  At first she defended her comments as any bigot would.  But when she came to her senses and realized this could cause her some difficulties, she recanted and apologized.  I for one am sick of bad people doing bad things and recanting in order to reap some benefit.  I would have preferred she stay true to herself and continue acting like a jackass.  Her expulsion from the games was absolutely justified and should be taken further to include a lifetime ban from international competition.  The entire purpose of the Olympic games is to bring the world together in peace, in the spirit of sport, competition and fair play.  What also is incredible is how completely stupid someone could be, to post such comments for the entire world to potentially see.  Her Olympic dream is over, as it should be.  All her years of training in preparation for the games, is for naught.  I can’t say I feel badly for her, as I rarely do when people do dumb things and suffer consequences as a result.  That’s not punishment, it’s justice.

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