Reminder! Gas Prices Still Too High

In the world social media and short attention spans, it’s crucial to move from one topic to the next before people become bored.  You can include the ridiculously high gas prices in that statement.  So I believe it’s time to re-visit the issue so it stays in the forefront of our discourse.  Despite what we are hearing about falling prices, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gas sits at $3.49 a gallon, up a nickel.  Super unleaded is still over $4.00 in many parts of the country.  It appears gas prices have bottomed out and will rise slowly until leveling off at some point, near $3.65, although no one really knows with certainty.  Keep in mind that while the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.49, there are many parts of the country that are paying just under $4.00.  What is certain is we are in a very precarious situation because each time gas prices bottom out, they do so at a higher level.  There has been a gradual acceptance of these new higher prices despite the fact over 8% of this country is unemployed and the real percentage is higher than that.  Although it’s difficult to raise people’s ire, if we all got together and raised our collective voices, something would need to happen.  Gas prices will climb above $4.00 and maybe $5.00 in the not too distant future.  This impacts the economy in so many different ways as gas and oil is to our economy, what oxygen is to human life.  That needs to change.  We all need to pray for a quiet Hurricane season because any disruption to the refineries in the Gulf, will result in an immediate spiking of gas prices that would no doubt throw us back in to a recession.  Who would have thought when I was a child sitting in gas lines with my parents there would have been no dramatic changes in the way we move from place to place.  But some change is out there, despite resistance.  I drove to work this morning in my Chevy Volt and used zero gas and I will use no gas on the way home.  Instead of mocking these new technologies, we should embrace them. In fact, we should insist on them.  As batteries become better and more efficient, the price of the technology will come down.   We need to be proactive for a change and not reactive every time we reach a point where everyone can agree prices are too high.  It will happen again but we will be worse off because the economy is in a fragile recovery.  Now is the time for change.  If it doesn’t come and we are complacent, we will all suffer the consequences.

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