Judo Throw #6 – Uki Goshi – Floating Hip Throw

So far I have described three full hip throws, (Ippon Seoinage, Ogoshi and Marote Seoinage).  Uki Goshi is the first “half hip” throw.  It is one of my favorite throws because it’s very practical in its application.  To begin, tori and uki start in kumi kata position.  On a right-sided throw, tori steps in between uki’s feet but not fully as he would in a full hip throw.  Instead, he takes a half step in and grabs uki around his back.  Simultaneously, tori breaks balance of uki to right front corner.    It is crucial that the tori gets the side of his hip under the belt of the uki.  The tori must cut the uki in half with the side of his hip.  In other words, the tori’s hip should be almost perpendicular to the center of the ukis body.    To throw, the tori pulls with the left arm, snaps his hip and pulls uki over with the right arm.  Snapping the hip is what sets up the “float”.  Uki falls in front of tori.  Pull up on uki’s arm to help with the fall.  In the street, throw with force necessary to negate the attack.

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