1936 Nazi Olympic Venue – History or Footnote?

With the opening of these Olympic games comes a story from Berlin regarding the venue of the 1936 Olympic “Nazi Games”.  Apparently, the site that was used for those games is in terrible disrepair.  Only 25 of the original 145 buildings remain and the infrastructure of the village is crumbling.  Other structures remain in tact.  For example, The House of Nations that housed the kitchens and dining facilities remains but needs serious restoration.  Soviet Russian forces abandoned the site in the early 1990s.  Now there are people seeking to restore and preserve whatever is left of this footnote to the Nazi era.  Those wishing to do so want to turn it into a sightseeing destination.  They argue that despite its ties to the Nazis and Adolph Hitler, it should be preserved because of its historical significance.  I completely and wholeheartedly disagree.  Holding the games in Berlin was an error to begin with since Nazi atrocities were already in motion at that point, despite the fact the rest of the world chose to turn a blind eye.  The Olympics are supposed to stand for something – the pinnacle of what humanity can achieve and the brotherhood of humankind.  The Nazis stood for nothing other than hatred and were on the wrong side of history.  To Hitler and his Nazi party, the entire purpose of the Berlin games was to show the world their superiority.  Hitler was declaring to the world, “Ladies and gentlemen, behold the greatness of the Nazi empire because before long, you will all be part of it”.   Other than the concentration camps, which need to exist forever as a testament to a time when one man decided to turn the earth in to a graveyard, anything and everything tied to the Nazis should be decimated.  These structures are not to be confused with an historical site such as Auschwitz.  The remaining structures should be left to crumble to ruin, as the only fitting epilogue to the darkest chapter of human existence.

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