Is Chinese Swimmer Ye Shiwen For Real?

Ever since Ye Shiwen stepped in to the pool at these Olympics there have been questions surrounding whether or not she is doping.  In this country and in all countries in the free world, people are innocent until proven guilty.  We must therefore presume her innocence until we are presented with evidence to the contrary.  That doesn’t mean we can’t examine the facts.  She is a sixteen year old girl who shaved 5 seconds off her individual best in the 400M IM to win gold.  Even if you never competed in athletic competition, it’s not difficult to understand how much five seconds amounts to in a pool.  It would be the same as shaving five seconds off your time in a 200m track race.  It’s just not done.  Add to that, the fact she beat Ryan Lochte’s final 50 meter time, in the same race in which he won gold, and that makes it even more suspicious.  Nothing is impossible of course, but at sixteen, to put down a faster split than a man who is in tremendous physical shape is literally, almost impossible.  It’s not about sexism, it’s about human physiology.  But probably the most damning evidence against Yi Shiwen is the Chinese have a history of cheating.  They are cheaters, period!  As I posted earlier, their badminton team was disqualified for throwing their match in order to gain a more favorable draw en route the finals.  Cheaters, Cheat!!  And all their nonsensical arguments about old opinions dying hard and the west not wanting to recognize their accomplishments is their way of deflecting the accusations.  In their case, the best defense is a good offense.  The Olympics to the Chinese is not about athletic competition, it’s about allowing them to show off the superiority of the Chinese athletes and ultimately the superiority of their autocratic, despotic, system of government and way of life.  As long as everyone understands their motives, it makes no difference what the Chinese delegation claims.  Yi Shiwen is a fast swimmer regardless and she must be presumed innocent until the IOC is able to show evidence to the contrary.  But sometimes commonsense, and logic is all we have.

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