Judo Throw #8 – Koshi Garuma – Hip Wheel

Koshi Garuma is another full hip throw.  Of all the hip throws, this is my favorite.  It’s fairly simple to execute.  I refer to it as the “old man throw” because you don’t have to bend too deeply and the hand position is very natural.  To begin, the tori and uki hook up in kumi kata position.  If throwing on the right side, the tori steps in with his right foot and plants it near the ball of the uki’s right foot.  Simultaneously, tori pulls forward, breaking the balance of the uki and getting him on his toes.  Before the uki can fall back on to his heels, the tori steps in with his left foot and forms a “V” inside the feet of the uki.  The tori’s right arm goes over the shoulder of the uki and the left hand pulls on the left arm or sleeve if he is wearing a gi.  To throw, tori pulls uki over his back with uki landing directly in front of him.  Note: It’s very important that the tori’s hip is slightly outside the uki’s hip or he will just slide off down the leg.  Pull up on the left arm to lessen the impact of the fall.  In the street, throw as hard as necessary to end the aggression.

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