Introduction to Come Along Holds

Sometimes there is a person at a party who needs to be restrained.  You don’t want to seriously injure him but simply get him to calm down.  This would include a friend or family member who may have had too much to drink and is acting stupidly or is somewhat out of control.  You don’t want to strike or throw this person because that can cause serious harm.  You simply want to help the person out of the house, room or backyard.  That is the time you would use the “Come Along Holds”.  There are many of them but I will explain only the five I find most effective.  Since I am the product and Sensei of a traditional Judo School, I will name the hold in Japanese and translate it in to english.  All of the holds use joint locks, fingers or elbows, in order to inflict some discomfort on the person on whom you are using them.  To repeat, they are not meant to seriously or permanently injure.  It’s why I don’t allow my younger students to ask the always popular “what if” questions.  If someone pulls a knife, or attempts to punch you, these would not be the techniques I would use to defend myself.  Tomorrow I will explain the first Come Along Hold in detail along with the first Judo Throw I explained.  In future posts I will begin demonstrating more varied Goshinjitsu or self-defense techniques using everything I have posted.  There are dozens of possible attacks and a complete martial artist must be prepared for all of them.  I am building the foundation of the house before putting up the walls.  One must learn to walk before learning to run.  OSE!! Domo Origato.

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