Come Along Hold #1 – Hon Juji Gatame – Basic Cross Hold

All of the Come Along Holds use some form of joint locks.  So you must be very careful when practicing.  To begin, tori and uki face each other.  The tori then grabs the opposite side wrist of the uki.  In other words, tori grabs right wrist with right hand or left wrist with left hand.  Tori steps next to uki and turns wrist face up.  Tori then wraps his arm around and under uki`s elbow.  He then grabs his lapel or shirt high up locking uki`s elbow under his arm.  Tori then applies slow even pressure down the wrist of the uki causing pain in the elbow.  The key to the joint lock is tightness and position of arm under uki`s elbow.  Once successfully applied, uki will “come along“ anywhere tori wants to lead him.

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