Couple Accused of Adultery Stoned to Death in Mali

Yet another example of outright stupidity comes courtesy of Al Qaeda in the country of Mali.  A couple, accused of adultery, was stoned to death because they were having an affair, despite being married to other people.  According to Al Qaeda, Sharia law required such a harsh sentence and the average citizens were afraid to stand up to the terrorists.  Sharia law exists in all Muslim countries but to different degrees.  In Turkey for example, civil law supersedes all else but Sharia law is used in family or local disputes.  In countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, Sharia law plays a much larger role in everyday life.  It is not the western world’s job to legislate what happens inside sovereign countries, but we should speak out when there is such insanity and injustice wherever it exists.  Fortunately, there are few Islamic countries that condone this extreme behavior.  Only backwards, stupid people could do something like this.  Al Qaeda is made up of the most inferior like-minded non-humans on the planet since the Nazis.  They are not the spokespeople for Islam and they hurt and kill people for no reason other than their personal need to hurt and kill.  If in fact Sharia law does interpret adultery as punishable by death by stoning, it has no place in the civilized world and we must not placate people who follow it in order to seem accepting and non-judgemental.  There is right and wrong in the world and just people everywhere must be the voices for people who don’t have voices.  We can never and should never accept such ignorance in this country.  What’s happening in Mali, a formerly democratic state is horrific and we need to do whatever we can to help fight off these extremist terrorists.  The fight goes on.

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