Murder of Six People at Sikh Temple Needs to be Last Such Attack

Enough is enough.  This indiscriminate violence we have been seeing as of late needs to end.  All decent men, women and children must come together and condemn these misfit losers who should never have been born.  In Oak Creek, Wisconsin it is now confirmed the shooter was a white supremacist.  Apparently he served his country and that’s too bad.  The very term for these misfits, is an oxymoron.  These domestic terrorists aren’t better than anyone which is why they turn to violence.  We must teach tolerance in this country from an early age.  Our true greatness as a nation has always been our differences and our ability to come together as one nation; E pluribus Unum – Of many, one.  That doesn’t mean we give up on being diligent on those from outside who have evil intentions such as Al Qaeda, but Sikhs are a peaceful people with no ill intent and should not have been targeted because they dress differently or their religious practices are different from our own.  In fact, they should be respected because they are different from us.  Again, we should not let this incident become a condemnation of guns because we will never stop people with evil intentions from committing evil.  We must get at the root cause of why these lunatics commit these heinous crimes.  More importantly we must be able to stop such crimes from happening.  We do not need to afford the same freedoms we all enjoy to hateful people who intend to hurt or kill innocents.  They must be stopped before these incidents occur.  Right now we need to mourn and heal as a nation, fresh off the movie shooting in Colorado.  An incident like this is a scar on all of our souls.  The United States is better than this and should not treat this shooting as a political issue, it’s a human issue and one that affects us all deeply.

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