The New Egyptian Reality

Now that there is new leadership in Egypt, they understand, first hand, how difficult it is to govern.  Sixteen Egyptian soldiers were slaughtered by militants in Sinai in an attempt to steal two armored vehicles and drive through the Rafah crossing in to Israel.  In response, the new government, made up of sworn haters of Israel, fired rockets from Apache helicopters at the militants, causing mass casualties.  How ironic it is that those that share the same beliefs are killing each other.  The harsh reality is militants can’t be controlled once you allow them to run amok.  You can’t govern if you don’t have control over your people and borders and they can’t just be turned off and on like water from a tap.  Although the Muslim Brotherhood detests Israel and the 1979 peace treaty, they have given assurances to Secretary of State Clinton and the world, they will continue to honor it.   Military officials in Egypt have referred to the militants as the enemies of the Egyptian nation while the Muslim Brotherhood blamed Mossad (the Israeli secret service) for the attacks.  This rhetoric pointed at Israel will continue but they know where the true threat lies and they will have no choice but to cooperate with Israel despite its lack of popularity with the more militant parties.  Egyptian forces in Sinai are undermanned and outgunned and if something is not done, Sinai will turn into a lawless, militant battlefield.  Government officials and the military must do a better job of training and supplying their border troops if they are to avoid another murderous rampage.  The situation along the border is so bad that Israel has been providing food and other essentials to Egyptian troops.  Since 1979 Egyptians and Israelis have lived in relative peace with many Israelis visiting and vacationing in Egypt.  Average Egyptian citizens are not looking for conflict with Israel.  Sometimes when leaders are forced to lead, they discover things are not always as they appear on the surface.  Only time will tell how things transpire but the new leadership in Egypt is in a position to play an important role in history or simply fade away in to it.

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