Studying Self-Defense – Much More Than Just Fighting

On the way home from work, two men got in to an argument over pushing each other as they entered the train.  I don’t normally take the train but my vehicle was is the shop and mass transit was a convenient alternative.  I was standing about one foot away from both as the decibel level rose and the rhetoric reached a fevers pitch.  A moment prior to punches being thrown, I stepped in and subdued both individuals causing them to look in disbelief at what I was in the process of doing.  I announced I was a 4th degree black belt in street fighting Ju Jitsu and I was fascinated by the escalation of their argument.  I don’t normally do that as the element of surprise is one more weapon at my disposal but it made sense in this case.  You learn a lot by watching  idiots like that fighting each other.  However, in this case, in close quarters, I was inclined to end the conflict.  Not so much because I cared whether these two stupid individuals beat each other’s brains in but for my and all the other people’s safety.  I explained to them I would take this back to my students and tell them the story of how two men heading home from work made asses of themselves.  I continued, you should go home to your families and avoid possible injuries, jail or both.  Fortunately, I convinced them of the errors of their ways, at least in this instance.  One of the men confessed he was fifty-one and doesn’t need this.  To which I responded, then why let it escalate?  Fighting in this case is absolutely ridiculous and he should go home and think about it.  The point of telling this story is self-defense, martial arts is not simply about fighting, it’s about being control in volatile situations.  No one else on the train did anything or would have done anything because they didn’t and wouldn’t know what to do.  My reason for getting involved rested on not wanting to be a victim.  If one of those numb nuts would have pulled a gun or a knife, my life and everyone else’s lives would have been in danger.  That’s what the years of training ultimately amounts to.  I summed up both individuals and was prepared to strike with deady force if necessary.  Both were done and they didn’t have any idea that was the case.  I was much happier with the outcome obviously but in these types of situations, ignorance is not bliss.  So I highly recommend studying some form of martial art as it will not only give you confidence, but a sense of control in an often out of control world.  It is that ultimate control that allows one to be at peace.

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