Come Along Hold #5 – Yubi Hiji Tekubi – Fingers Elbow Wrist

The fifth and final come along hold is a finger lock as opposed to an elbow lock.  To begin, tori and uki face each other.  This time however the finger lock is executed on the same side not across.   In other words, tori’s left hand grabs uki’s right fingers or tori’s right hand grabs fingers on uki’s left hand.  Tori grabs two or three fingers of the uki and turns and stands next to uki.  The tori then bends back the fingers and places his index finger behind the knuckles of the uki.  This makes the finger lock more painful.  The hand not locking the fingers, grabs the uki’s bicep and holds it in place next to tori’s side.  The more the fingers are bent back against the index finger, the more painful the lock.

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