Judo Throw #11 – Harai Goshi – Sweeping Hip Throw

Harai Goshi is another half-hip throw and is generally taught after Uki Goshi, which is the most basic half-hip throw.  To begin, tori and uki face off in kumi kata position.  On the right side tori pulls with both arms and pulls uki into him on the side of his hip as opposed to facing in the same direction as in a full hip throw.  The concept is to cut the uki in half with side of your body.  As tori turns, he pulls ukis right arm tightly around his body with his left hand, thereby breaking ukis balance to his right, front corner.  At the same time tori`s right elbow is jammed under uki`s left arm pit, forcing him on to the balls of his feet.  To throw, tori pulls uki over the side of his hip while sweeping low on the uki`s leg.   Harai Goshi is highly useful for Judo and combat.

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