NASA’s Curiosity Rover Set to Land on Mars – Follow-Up


Following a perfect landing on Mars, Curiosity is already sending back amazing, high-resolution photos.  It is quite an achievement and one in which NASA and this country should be very proud.  Curiosity hit her intended target in what could be considered a perfect bullseye.  So much could have gone wrong on the decent in to the Martian atmosphere but everything functioned perfectly, as planned.   NASA has proven once again that we are at the forefront of space exploration and technology.  The brilliant scientists who develop these projects and see them through to their successful conclusions should be revered.  So Kudos to all those involved with NASA.   I look forward to seeing more photos and hearing about new exciting discoveries from the surface of Mars.

NASA is set to make news with the landing of the Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars.  The spacecraft carrying the rover was launched almost eight and a half months ago and is set to land tonight on the red planet.  This mission to Mars is quite different than previous missions, as the Curiosity rover is march larger and heavier than any previous exploration vehicles.  It uses the most sophisticated technology we have available, developed from the minds of our most brilliant scientists.  The landing uses a new procedure never attempted before.  Since the Curiosity rover is so heavy, it can’t bounce along the surface the way the Opportunity rover did when it touched down.  This rover must be lowered by cables from a height of approximately 20 meters(65 feet) on to the planet from the spacecraft.  After disengaging from the rover, the spacecraft will take off so as not to interfere with Curiosity.  So many things have to happen in order for the landing to be successful that NASA is referring to the landing as “seven minutes of terror”.  Once successfully on Mars, Curiosity will use its very sophisticated equipment which includes a weather station, tools to drill and twelve cameras to search for signs of life.  The entire country should be watching this, as it will demonstrate not only the brilliant minds of NASA and their ingenuity, but the United States as well.  It will show the world we are still at the forefront of technology and human thought of what is possible.  Apple has created many innovative products but compared to landing a mobile explorer on Mars, the iPad is a transistor radio.  Curiosity is scheduled to land at 1:31AM EST.  For more information and if you are interested in tracking the progress of the Curiosity mission, you can go to the NASA website at

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