Make-A-Wish Foundation

Of all the charities that exist, and there are many, none is more worth while than the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  If you are unfamiliar with it, Make-A-Wish grants wishes to sick children who otherwise have very little to look forward to except their next medical treatment.  The foundation started in Phoenix Arizona in 1980 when a boy named Christopher James Greicius was stricken with leukemia.  He had always dreamed about being a police officer, so when US Customs Officer Tommy Austin heard about his story, he reached out to Christopher and his mom and set up a special day for him on April 29, 1980.  He was given a special uniform and flew on a helicopter.  It lifted his spirits despite the fact he was growing sicker.  Three days later, Christopher passed away.  But from his passing, Make-A-Wish was born.  Since that time, the foundation has granted almost 300,000 wishes to sick children across the globe.  The are a number of wish categories including, wishing to go, wishing to meet, wishing to be.  Disney is a favorite of the kids and it is very supportive of the foundation.  These wishes lift the spirits of children dealing with illnesses that no children should ever have to deal with.  They give the kids a needed and necessary break from the hardships and fights they all face.  It’s heart breaking and difficult to deal with but people need to be strong for these children.  What also makes the Make-A-Wish Foundation so special is the number of volunteers who give their time to help make wishes come true.  It is a noble calling.  There are also countless numbers of individuals and corporations who donate whatever is needed to help grant the wishes and they too are to be commended.  Let’s hope that some day the need for Make-A-Wish is no longer necessary but until then it should be recognized for the incredible work it does in giving hope to our most vulnerable who are facing the battles of their young lives.

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