Five Year Prison Sentence For Teacher Convicted of Having Sex With Five Students

Brittini Colleps, the teacher convicted of having sex with five of her students has been sentenced to five years in prison.  What makes this case interesting is the fact that all five students were eighteen, meaning they were all at the age of legal consent.  However, in Texas, it’s a crime for teachers to have sex with their students, regardless of their ages.  The only real issue here is the fact that Ms. Colleps has serious emotional problems.  The sex part in this particular case, which is what all puritanical southerners with crazy religious upbringings focus on, is the least of it.  Morality and religion should have no bearing on this case.  A married mother of three having sex with five eighteen year old boys, demonstrates a lack of judgement that goes way beyond simply wanting to have a good time.  Perhaps she is unstable emotionally.  Perhaps her husband had an affair or has a girlfriend and she was getting back at him.  No matter the reason for her behavior, the lack of judgement is indisputable.  She is clearly unbalanced and we don’t need expert testimony to tell us that.  Having said that, Texas, aka. the “Execution State” of the south, has clearly gone overboard with respect to her sentence.  Although it could have been worse I suppose, she could have received the death penalty.  Brittini Colleps’ actions, while misguided, are not punishable by five years in prison.  Texas, as it often does, has crossed the line of the punishment fitting the crime.  Eighteen year old boys have sex with or without their teacher being present.  They will not be damaged in any way.  And the only one who has absolutely made a fool of herself, is Ms. Colleps.  She of course should never be allowed to teach or hold any position where there is contact with children.  But her ultimate punishment is the fact she will forever be branded a pariah.  I can’t think of a worse punishment.  That is justice because she did it to herself.

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