Wikileaks’ Julian Assange Seeks Asylum in Ecuador

Julian Assange, is holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  He has been granted asylum by Ecuador and is seeking safe passage out of the UK which isn’t going to happen.  Assange is a criminal and rabble-rouser who must be brought to justice.  The thousands of pages of documents released by Wikileaks did nothing more than put people’s lives in danger.  There are secrets in war, mistakes are made, individuals commit stupid and illegal acts.  Has Wikileaks really unearthed anything that is for the public good?  Quite simply, No!  Every country on earth has covert operations and secrets that can not and should not be available to the public.  Do Americans really need to, or want to know about every single terrorist threat made against this country?  People would spend their lives living in fear.  While it’s idealistic to think all of the released documents should be public, you can’t govern a country of over three hundred thirty million people by committee.  Secret correspondence has been part of this country since it’s founding.  Athletic teams don’t tell each other their strategies.  Apple doesn’t share technological secrets with its competitors?  In addition to releasing confidential documents, sexual assault charges against Assange are pending in Sweden.  Conspiracy theorists claim the rape charges are nothing more than a ploy to help the US capture him.  Of all of the countries that come to mind, Sweden would not be high on the list to collaborate with the US, simply so we could  bring him to our shores and put him on trial.  The rape charges in Sweden are real and he needs to be tried and punished if convicted.  Let’s not confuse the two issues.  On the one hand he is sought for making public, classified documents on the other he has been accused of “one count of rape, two  counts of sexual molestation and one count of unlawful coercion–or  illegal use of force”  He must answer to these charges first and foremost.

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