Newaza (Grappling Techniques)

Newaza is the main category of grappling.  Within grappling fall three general categories 1) Osaekomiwaza-Holding Techniques 2) Kansetsuwaza-Armlocks and 3) Shimewaza-Strangling.  The first series of techniques I will explain, are Osaekomiwaza (holding or immobilizing techniques).  These holding techniques are used in the sport of Judo and would not necessarily be effective in a street fighting situation.  There are no strikes with these techniques. They are simply used to immobilize your opponent or uki in grappling.  In Judo, the reason for ending up on the ground, is due to a failed throw.  It is not proper and in fact, against the rules to take an opponent to the ground directly for Newaza.  This is where Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Judo diverge.  Most Brazilian Ju Jitsu practitioners main goal is to take an opponent to the ground and then make him or her submit.  However, this is not the strategy one should use in true combat situations.  On the ground, even the best practitioner is vulnerable.  Never go to the ground in combat if at all possible.  In the next post, I will explain the first mat hold known as Kesagatame-(Cross Chest Holding).

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