Missouri Republican Todd Akin Makes Ass of Himself

Missouri Republican Rep. Todd Akin, a nominee for the Senate, has shoved his foot deep into his mouth.  In an interview regarding rape and pregnancy, Mr Akin stated that “legitimate rape” (is there any other kind), rarely results in pregnancy.  He went on to say, “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down”.  What is the matter with him?  Perhaps he was on drugs or drunk because I would hate to think he said that in his right mind.  He later went on to recant and state that, “he has deep empathy for the thousands of women who are raped and abused each year”.  Too little, too late Mr. Akin.  As a lifelong Republican, I have no problem stating that men as dumb and uninformed as you, should stay out of public service.  He is an embarrassment to himself, to his party and to his family.  The Republican leadership needs to take swift action and separate itself from Akin and his comments.  If it doesn’t, there is no hope for the Republicans now or in the future.  I hope I am not the only Republican to speak out with such anger and candidness.  RNC?

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