Director Tony Scott Jumps Off Bridge in LA

It has been confirmed that director Tony Scott has jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in LA County.  A suicide note was found in his office.  Scott directed some Hollywood blockbusters including Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II and Days of Thunder.  He was 68 years old.  While this is tragic for his family, I find it difficult to muster up much sympathy.  The world is a very strange place and I will never attempt to figure it out because it is unsolvable.  Last week I played in a golf tournament with all of the proceeds going to the Make*A*Wish Foundation.  Make*A*Wish grants wishes to sick children in an effort to lift their spirits.  Most of the children involved are very sick, some terminally ill.  They and there families are fighting anyway they know how to help them survive.  If a great day or week helps prolong their lives, the wish was a success.  All these kids want is to be healthy like all of their friends and siblings.  They just want to Live.  Then there’s Tony Scott, a man who on paper, has everything anyone could ask for, except the desire to live.  If that’s not irony, I don’t know what it.  This lack of ability to cope is astounding, especially at 68.  Now perhaps he was ill and decided to end it his way.  If that’s the case, I would certainly understand it but more likely it was personal demons.  Perhaps instability is more prevalent in creative people whether in Hollywood or in the music business.  I suppose that’s what makes them who they are; heightened senses, sensitivity.  I just can’t relate to it or feel any sympathy for it, especially when many Americans are fighting to keep their homes or put food on the table.  In self-defense I teach fighting to the end with every ounce of strength and power.  Never give up, never surrender.  That’s ultimately what makes a great fighter…the will to live.  It’s too bad Tony Scott didn’t possess that.

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