Congressman Jumps Into Sea of Galilee Sans Swimsuit

Following dinner and drinks a number of Republican Congressman and staff, on a trip to Israel, jumped in to the Sea of Galilee.  The trip was sponsored and paid for, by an educational group which is affiliated with The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).  In the excitement, Republican Kevin Yoder jumped in to the sea without a swimsuit and a number jumped in with some clothes on.  I thought this story would make news because of the sponsorships’ affiliation with AIPAC.  The trip, fully paid for, could be considered inappropriate and a conflict of interest.  There are many who scream about the power of AIPAC on members of Congress; the fact AIPAC has incredible influence in the US.  But I was totally off base.  Instead, the big story here is a bunch of Congressmen jumping in to the sea in various states of dress.  On the positive side, I didn’t know the very straight-laced Republicans even had a naked.  I thought they were more like GI Joe dolls, with no anatomy.  The press and media needs to begin prioritizing what’s important.  Of course there are those that will rightfully want to hold on to this story, since the Republican Party comes off as the “holier than thou” party.  So I am actually thrilled to learn they might be human beings.  If no laws were broken and no one was hurt, chalk it up to a fun night out and let’s move on to the next irrelevant topic.

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