Kata Gatame – Shoulder Hold

A natural transition from Kesa Gatame is Kata Gatame or shoulder hold.  When grappling it is important not to be stagnant.   A good ground fighter always transitions looking for new and better holds, joint locks or strangulations.  Remember, I am teaching Judo techniques, not techniques for cage fighting.  There is no striking here, it is simply for sport.  To execute kata gatame on the right side, uki pushes up on tori’s chin as if trying to escape from Kesa Gatame.  Tori pari’s uki right arm with his left and locks uki’s arm up.  Tori’s right arm shoots around uki’s neck and clasps his left hand as if executing Hadaka Jime.   Left palm is up, right palm is down.  Never interlock the fingers.  The hands are palm in palm and locking fingers around each hand.   At the same time, tori brings right knee up and plants it in to the back of the uki.  The left leg shoots straight out and plants, (see photo).  This creates a strong base.  Tori then tucks head next to uki’s head and squeezes tightly to apply the hold.

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