NASA Launch of RBSP Scrubbed Once Again

Update: The scheduled launch of the RBSP Atlas 5 spacecraft has been postponed until Thursday, August 30 at 4:05AM, due to the probable, inclement weather from Tropical Storm Issac.  The rocket will be rolled back in to the assembly building to wait out the storm.

Update:  This mornings’ 4:07AM and 4:27AM window of opportunity has come an gone.  The launch of the RBSP was scrubbed due to weather.  Apparently there was lighting around the launch pad.  The new launch day is tomorrow, August 26 and again will be at 4:07 with a twenty-minute launch window.

Unfortunately, NASA had to scrub this mornings’ planned 4:07AM launch of the RBSP Probe.  There was a problem with the C-Band transponder which is ground based range equipment that is used to track the rocket after launch.  In the case of such a valuable satellite, you obviously err on the side of caution.  The next planned liftoff is for tomorrow morning at 4:07AM and once again there is a window of twenty minutes for the launch to proceed.  You can watch a live feed of the launch at beginning at 2:30AM.   If another issue arises tomorrow, the launch could conceivably be delayed until after Issac passes. Although at this time, Issac is not expected to pass over the Cape.

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