Los Angeles – The Hollywood Dichotomy

Normally, the story of a vacation to the west coast would be a non-story.  Writing about Los Angeles is not very interesting despite its appeal as the Entertainment mecca of the world.  My interest in LA lies more in the separation of rich and poor.  The fact the LA seems so liberal and yet is so ostentatious is fascinating.  The first time I was there, I visited Watts, the center of the LA riots.  My curiosity, got the better of me as I was told it was a bad idea.  What amazed me was how close, how visible, the hills are.  Wealth is flaunted in the face of abstract poverty.  As I was standing there, I was approached by a gentleman who asked why I was there.  I replied, I wanted to see how the real folks lived.  He smiled and walked away.  Hollywood, as the movies, is make-believe.  It’s fantasy land.  On the one hand, you have all of these very spoiled, rich and famous elites.   On the other, you have very concerned, caring people who make-believe they are every man and woman.  It’s nonsense.  The idea that actors stand for something is the greatest of all their performances.  Their agents/legal teams play a large role in determining what causes will bring him or her the most return on their investment.  The liberal “act” is simply to keep those who might march up the hills and wreak havoc, placated.  I would prefer they silently give their obligatory charity and keep their uninformed opinions to themselves.  Don’t get me wrong, I love LA and all it has to offer, the restaurants the beaches, the clubs.  But I see it for what it is; a large adult playground, which is why I enjoy it.  See you soon LA.

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