The Real Los Angeles

Los Angeles, minus all the Hollywood fanfare is an awesome destination and one I highly recommend.  LA is about the pristine beaches, and the cool breezes blowing off the ocean.  Case in point, the high temperature in Santa Monica on Sunday was 67 degrees.  It was also quite breezy which I very much appreciated.  On any of the beaches you’ll find surfing, cycling, sailing, everything involved with the great outdoors.  The restaurants are top-notch and there is something for everyone whether in Long Beach, Manhattan Beach or Laguna Beach.  You can find great sushi, great steak and some of the finest Mexican restaurants anywhere, that offer authentic Mexican cuisine which makes sense given our close proximity to Mexico.  Later this week I will rent a sailboat and sail the Pacific which is quite different than sailing the Atlantic.  There is something about sailing on the largest body of water on the planet that offers up an extra touch of excitement and adventure.  Where to?  Perhaps Hawaii, Australia, or the Galapagos Islands; maybe all three.  So don’t expect to hear about George Clooney’s home which is about as interesting to me as how mosquitos reproduce.  Well I’m off to the Pacific Coast Highway in search of the most beautiful stretches and lookouts it has to offer.  I love the Real LA.

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