Many Cities May See $5.00 Gas Prices

Seven years after Hurricane Katrina wiped out much of the Louisiana coast and set gas prices rocketing out of control, Hurricane Issac is threatening the same areas of the Louisiana coast.  In anticipation of this storm, gas prices are on the rise once again.  Issac, which should not be as powerful as Katrina, is also threatening refineries in the Gulf of Mexico.  How high gas prices spike, will ultimately depend on the strength and path of Issac.  If any refineries are damaged, expect parts of the country to see $5.00 gas prices.  The current average price in the US for a gallon of regular gasoline sits at $3.76 a gallon up .7 cents in the past two weeks.  There are many cities however, that are already seeing prices over $4.00.  Today I paid $4.28 a gallon for regular unleaded in Santa Monica, California.  New York City and Chicago are already paying over $4.00 a gallon.  What will it take for Americans to accept and demand higher mileage and electric vehicles.  The time is now and it can not be delayed because if prices do hit $5.00, a recession or worse is inevitable.  Car makers should be developing battery operated cars that are charged by solar panels on the roof.  Charging stations for electric vehicles are beginning to materialize, but at a very slow pace.  The hotel in which I`m staying, has a few charging station parking spaces but no cars are charging in those spots.  Car makers need to accelerate research and development, so the technology becomes affordable to everyone.   The United States must take the lead as new technologies will create new jobs.  The question is, will we have the guts and will to meet the challenge.

2 thoughts on “Many Cities May See $5.00 Gas Prices

  1. You wanna beat the oil companies? STOP: Going to movies, out to eat, to the beach, etc. FOR 1 MONTH only drive to work, & the supermarket, THAT’S IT!

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