Republicans Failing Miserably At Convention

The Republican party refuses to open their eyes, it has not grown and changed and will lose the upcoming election because of it.  The US is becoming increasingly liberal socially and there is nothing the evangelicals can do to stop that, other than find a new country in which to live.  People don’t want the government telling them how to live their lives, a belief the Republican party use to hold.  Women, who make up more than 50% of the country, don’t want the government dictating what they can do with their bodies.  It’s not about personal opinions, it’s about where we are heading as a country.  Rick Santorum’s speech was awful.   It did nothing to further the cause of the party.  His endorsemwnt of Mitt Romney was lukewarm at best.  He was given a spot in order to placate he and his delegates.  Do those in charge not realize the next President will undoubtedly be nominating at least one, if not two, Supreme Court Justices?  Can not the single-minded evangelical conservatives see they are dooming themselves?  Are they so ignorant and unintelligent they are willing to lose the election simply because they are incapable of seeing the big picture?  An example of just how much things have changed, the once steady and conservative, strict Constitutional interpreter, Chief Justice Roberts was the deciding vote which affirmed President Obama’s healthcare plan.  In fact, he went out of his way to do it.  That spoke volumes, even if the Republicans were deaf in his affirmation.  To win this election, Republicans must focus on the economy and healthcare.  The only highlight of the night was Governor Chris Christie’s speech.  He was great, as I knew he would be, but it is too little, too late.  I was unimpressed and unmoved with Ann Romney’s speech.  It was emotional with little substance.  Appealing to the base is not going to win the election. With two more days, the party, already has two strikes against it, one to go.

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