Beverly Hilton – Elegant and Back On Track

Monday night I dined at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills at one of my favorite restaurants, Circa 55/Trader Vics.  The steak is superb and they have a very nice selection of wines.  Sitting outside and eating by the pool is what vacation is all about.  It’s very peaceful and relaxing especially in a crazy, crowded town like Beverly Hills.   I also enjoy the old 60’s charm as the hotel is not unlike the old hotels in Miami Beach.  The building itself is not impressive.  In fact, it’s very unassuming on the outside.  You wouldn’t even notice it if you drove by quickly.  But inside it’s very different.  There is an understated elegance and charm.  The Marble floors and simple decor are what first grab your attention.  It’s certainly not the place you would think Hollywood would frequent, despite it being located in Beverly Hills.  In a larger than life town, the Beverly Hilton is anything but large and grand.  Perhaps that’s why it’s so appealing.  Unfortunately, it became world-famous when Whitney Houston lost her life in the bathtub of her hotel room.   I have not been back since her death and was unsure what to expect.  Happily, and as it should, life has moved on.  There was no hint of what had transpired only six short months ago.  Children were happily playing in the pool and adults were sipping wine and enjoying the beautiful weather.  But in a town of great superstitions, I would be surprised if Hollywood ever holds any grand functions there presently or in the future.

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