Democratic National Convention Summary-Positive Message

The Democratic National Convention begins tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the opportunity the Democrats need, to build some momentum.  If the convention turns out to be anything but a home run, Obama faces the end of his Presidency, come November 6th.  The convention must stress his accomplishes and stay away from the negatives.  Although some meaningful accomplishments, the number one issue, the economy, will be the elephant in the room.  But first the positives, Osama Bin Laden is dead.  Healthcare reform has survived US Supreme Court scrutiny.  Banks and Wall Street have been held accountable and have seen some major changes, including greater transparency.  Bailout of the auto industry, although controversial at the time, has saved as many as one million jobs.  US car companies have made an astounding comeback and this will unquestionably be touted by the Democrats.  Taxes have not increased on anyone during his first term.  So the Democrats have many positives on which to focus.  On the negative side, the economy has remained sluggish and is essentially treading water.  Stimulus money, although a temporary fix, has helped balloon the deficit beyond anyone’s imagination.  The country is as polarized as any time since the era of Viet Nam.  Quite simply, President Obama, has not been a healer.  To his defense, there is unquestionably a group of small-minded individuals out there who will never accept a black President.  But there are also many who fundamentally disagree with his policies.  This administration will attempt to blame former President Bush but there is a time one must begin accepting responsibility.  If the convention spends too much time blaming Bush and the Republicans, it may very well backfire.  President Obama must stay true to his word and be the change he promised during his first campaign.  He must recapture that excitement and promise in order to give him and his party the best chance of winning in November.  One thing is certain, his supporters still love him and no doubt, he will electrify the room when it comes time for him to speak Thursday night.  Few do it better.

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