The National Conventions – Democracy at Work

As I watched speech after speech at the Democratic National Convention, I realized I had the same thought while watching the Republican Convention.  When all is said and done, it’s not about the speeches, they’re often similar.  It’s not about the signs and buttons.  It’s not about the endless analysis of what’s taking place, by news commentators.  At the end of the day, it’s about our extraordinary Democratic process.   A process unique in the world.  Even though we grow tired of the bickering, commercial after commercial stating, “I approved this message”, campaign rhetoric etc.  It’s all part of our Democracy.  The Framers of our Constitution, the founders of this great nation, established a system of government that can claim these United States as the greatest and longest standing Democracy on earth.   These conventions are about giving people the opportunity to see and hear prominent members of each party making the case for why we, as Americans, should vote for one candidate or the other.  But while we’re deciding on who we want as President, it’s important to remember the Presidency is not about a man.  It’s not about Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.  It’s about the office.  And unlike the Royals, the position is earned through hard work, dedication, and most importantly, elected “By The people”.  The President, although revered in modern times, is nothing more than one more citizen, a fellow citizen.  Our President is not a mythical figure, wearing a crown, covered in jewels.  Our President is one of us.  The White House is our House.  As grand and filled with history as it is, in the end, it’s the House of the people, the citizens of this country.  That one thought ran through my head as I watched the night unfold; our unprecedented Democratic process at work.  It should give us all a sense of pride.

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