Chevrolet Volt Sells Record Number of Cars in August

The Chevrolet Volt turned in its strongest monthly sales performance in August.  The Volt sold 2,831 cars easily surpassing the previous high in sales of 2,289 in March.  In comparison, the Nisan Leaf only sold  685 units in August.  Through August, the Volt has sold 13,497 units in 2012, which is certainly respectable, if below expectations.  As the car becomes more visible to people and they start to understand the incredible technology, the sales should increase exponentially.  Although hardly anyone would remember at this point, the Toyota Prius did not do well its first two years.  First of all, the first model wasn’t a great car.  But after improving and upgrading it, sales took off and continue strong today.  The same will happen with the Volt.  Each model will continue to improve.  The battery technology will add distance to each charge and the cost will decrease.  That is still the only drawback at this point.  It’s quite expensive and not available to everyone.  As the price comes down however, sales will increase because even after 1 1/2 years, my Volt is still as good as the day I drove it off the dealer lot.  In addition, gas prices will continue to increase over time and will make the car more attractive to perspective customers.  Even if you’re not considering a Volt, you should test drive one, you won’t be disappointed.

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