2012 NFL Season Week 1 – Let the Games Begin!

Although the first game of the season between the Cowboys and Giants has already been played, today officially kicks off the Sunday, NFL week 1 full schedule of games.  Millions of people, mostly men, will begin their rituals that go along with being an NFL football fan.  Some will watch the games in their living rooms with friends, some will watch at their favorite bars.  The tailgate parties, synonymous with football, and copied by other sporting events, will again give fans an extended summer/winter B-B-Q season.  The excitement in the air over the start of the season is thick enough to cut with a chain saw.  Fantasy Football is back along with all of the various football pools of which there are many.  Football is a huge part of American culture, because, when all is said and done, NFL Football, is the greatest sport on the planet.  And week 1 is all promise, no heartbreak for football fans.  No one is out of it yet.  The potential is unlimited.  Yes, there may be more Soccer fans worldwide and Basketball is played all over the world, but football is America’s game.  Born and bred right here in the USA.  Made in America.  So while I feel badly for all of the NFL Sunday widows, please cut us a little slack.  Football is back.  Only one thing left to say; GO VIKINGS!

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