President Obama and His Failed Foreign Policy

Although the most pressing issues facing this country are certainly domestic, i.e. the economy, healthcare, and the deficit, it shouldn’t mean we abandon foreign policy.  President Obama has been one of the weakest foreign policy President since Johnson, who continued the escalation of the war in southeast asia.  Instead, of continuing Kennedy’s misguided policies, he should have been withdrawing our troops.  Worse than that, at no point did he declare war, despite the fact that thousands of our young men and women were giving their lives in a conflict in which we should have never been involved.  This President, absolutely believed he would be able to sit down with the North Koreans, the Iranians and the Cubans and show them the errors of their ways.  He has done nothing to improve relations with any of those countries except perhaps, Cuba.  In addition, Obama has done the least of any recent President with regards to the Middle East.  If anything, all he did was act rudely to Benjamin Netanyahu, our only true ally in that part of the world.  So when the debates begin, I implore the moderators to ask the President some tough questions.  He of course will have answers as he is always well schooled but there really is no excuse for our failing foreign policy.  He has been unable to win concessions from any of the countries we deem a threat.  If anything, in an attempt to build a world order of sorts, President Obama has given up our leadership role in the world, which although not envious, is an important part of keeping the world safe from tyrants.  The United Nations is a failing, dysfunctional organization with little power which is evident by its feckless negotiations with Syria.  And yet, President Obama still believes he is on the correct compass heading.  The only real foreign policy successes this administration has realized, is the killing of Al Qaeda operatives.  The drone attacks that have killed many of the most wanted terrorists, have also killed many innocents and has done nothing to help our reputation in that part of the world.  Finally, while the President did get us out of Iraq as promised, on Saturday, and for the past several weeks, there has been horrible violence there, that threatens to lead to a wider war.  We lost many American lives in Iraq, and then just walked away.  Although popular perhaps, abandoning our mission there, has allowed for this escalating violence.  If the average Iraqi didn’t hate us before, he/she does now.  For almost four years this President has been Commander and Chief and his only claim of success has been the killing of Osama Bin Laden and his allies.  The President must therefore answer for his failing foreign policy.

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