Punishment For Rape Depends on What Country You’re In

In this week’s Economist Magazine, there is an article titled, “Rape Laws: Crime and clarity”.  The subtitle states, “Whether sex is rape depends partly on where it happens”.  It looks at the differences between rape laws around the world.  And they differ greatly depending on where you are.  In some Arab countries, the woman can be punished for their rape, unless there are four witnesses to the act.  No need to go further.  What is interesting is that Sweden and Great Britain have higher incidences of rape than the United States per 100,000 population.  In countries such as China and in many Muslim countries, “rape within marriage is still not against the law”.  It is a crime in the UK and the USA.  Several months ago I wrote an article titled “Rape, Punishable by Death”  in response to a viral rape video out of South Africa.  I stated that it seems quite clear to me that the only way to stop the savage brutality of women once and for all, is to make rape a crime punishable by death around the world.  I stand behind that statement.  There are no degrees of rape unless statutory which needs to be examined on a case by case basis.  Do we jail the consensual sex of a seventeen and sixteen year old whether male or female?  But other than this exception, if a woman does not consent to sexual activity of any kind, at any time, despite the circumstances, rape is the appropriate charge.  I won’t spend time addressing the rape of men as the Economist did because, quite frankly, that isn’t a solid argument for me.  For example, the Economist refers to a woman in Australia who broke in to a man’s home and forced him to perform oral sex on her.  She was convicted and sentenced.  This is an unbelievably rare exception and there is a double standard here.  The fact remains, most rape is perpetrated by men against women.  It is a crime of violence, dominance and power perpetrated by cowards.  A mandatory death sentence might make men think twice before partaking in such callous behavior.

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