Ban on Large Sodas in NYC is “Government Gone Wild”

A proposed ban on large sodas in NYC is to be voted on Thursday by health officials, limiting the size of soft drinks to 16 oz.  The supposed logic behind the ban is the belief it will lead to better health.  Theoretically, if people are deprived larger beverages, it will help reduce obesity and all health issues related to it.  Doctors have said, while the ban won’t in and of itself do much to reduce obesity, it will hopefully affect people’s attitudes.  People will eat healthier because government officials have “shown them the way”.  In truth, this ban is just another example of government over-reaching and overstepping its boundaries.  Does anyone really want “Big Brother” telling us how to live our lives.  Will there eventually be police at our door ensuring we are eating well in our homes and making sure we are getting enough sleep?  Mayor Bloomberg, while he has done some fine things for the city has once again overstepped his authority.  But I suppose if he could single-handedly change term limits, he can limit the size of sodas.  The government is in place to serve people, not control people.  Of course, anyone wanting a larger drink can simply purchase two.  And further, the only restaurants that serve such large drinks are fast food restaurants, so the ban will have a limited effect.  But it’s the principle that counts most here.  The Government can not continue to chip away at our individual freedoms, even one as petty as large soft drinks.  The slippery slope argument, while usually a poor one, absolutely applies here.

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