Update: Pro-American Support In Libya Results in HQ Takeover of Radical Islamist Group

Update: Pro-America support continues in Libya.  In an unprecedented show of support from the Libyan people, a group of pro-American supporters overtake a radical Islamist Headquarters in Benghazi decrying the deadly violence last week against four Americans, including Christopher Stevens.  One man shouted, “I am sorry America, this is the real Libya”.  It’s actually humbling to realize there are caring, sympathetic people who, despite differences, understand right and wrong.  There is now some hope for Libya following the uprising and death of their longtime despotic dictator.  Good luck to the Libyan People and thank you for your support.

In response to the cold-blooded murder of Christopher Stevens, the US Ambassador to Libya, a number of pro-American Libyans have come out to demonstrate and denounce the killing.  The number of people who attended the rally can not be confirmed at this time but the fact anyone attended such a rally shows there may be hope in the world after all.  Among the signs carried by people at the rally, one read, “Chris Stevens was a friend to all Libyans”.  Another read, “Sorry People of America, this is not the behavior of our Islam and Profit”.  So hopefully his murder was not in vain and the evil thugs that killed him, will be brought to justice.

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