President Obama Doesn’t Get It

As violence in the Middle East continues, President Obama has asked Google to pull off the video which sparked so much outrage in the Muslim world.  And while I may agree on its insensitivity, I don’t agree with the President asking for self-imposed censorship.  If Muslims want to live in a world where any words, any speech whether religious or not, can spark violence, that’s their choice.  We don’t have the right to impose our will on them for their beliefs just the way we wouldn’t want them opposing their beliefs on us.  But what President Obama is asking for, is completely out of the question.  It’s amazing to me that a man as intelligent as the President doesn’t understand how weakness is perceived in the Muslim world.  And make no mistake, asking Google to pull down the video is weakness.  Former President Carter was brought down by his weakness as President in that part of the world.  What’s next?  Do we abandon Israel, the only true friend and democratic country in the Middle East because it stirs emotions?  Or perhaps we should limit all speech that incites people. Free speech is free speech Mr President.  That`s not negotiable and will not be held hostage by a small number or large number of thugs.  Better to close our embassies and cut ties with these countries, than to sacrifice that which we hold so dear.  The President should stop his silly nation building policy and understand once and for all that the United States of American has the burden of policing the world.  It`s not something we chose.  It`s not something we want.  In fact it`s an unenviable position, but the rest of the world has demonstrated `time and again, it`s inability to police itself.  That`s why we are who we are.  It`s not arrogant, it`s not egotistical, it`s simply the truth.

2 thoughts on “President Obama Doesn’t Get It

  1. Hi Curtis, maybe, just maybe, he understood that in order to take 2 steps forward, he had to take one back. Right now, the situation calls for cooler heads. Being right at all cost does not achieve results. Do I agree with the violence? Absolutely not. Should it stop? yes. When you achieve this, then move on and show how wise you are…

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