Iranians Increase Bounty on Salman Rushdie

In response to all of the violence in the Muslim world, Iran has seized on the opportunity to increase the bounty on Salman Rushdie, to 3.3 million dollars.  It’s obviously the perfect time since tension is so high around the Muslim world.  Salman Rushdie has had a price on his head since writing the “Satanic Verses” in 1989.  Not sure why the fatwa, since at the end the book, the Rushdie character is killed by lightning bolts from the sky for his blasphemous behavior.  Again, the writing of this book may have been insensitive, but his right to freedom of expression must be protected.  Jesse Jackson once called Judaism a “gutter religion”.  While it wasn’t nice and there was a peaceful uproar concerning that comment, no violence.  He was perfectly within his right to state it.  Of course, Jews have the right to dislike the man, and he lost much of his credibility, not to mention the fact the so-called “reverend” turned out to be a philanderer.  Since its publishing, Rushdie has lived a very secretive life, making sporadic public appearances on American television, most notably with Bill Maher.  He has however, managed to live a rather productive life under the threat of death.  Although no one knows exactly where he lives, for obviously reasons, it’s fair to assume he is spending at least some of his time here in the United States.  And if this is the case, the Iranians must be forewarned about his safety.  President Obama, should inform the Iranians that there will be severe consequences if Rushdie is assassinated within the borders of the United States of America.  This should not include, but guarantee, a military option.  We can not accept such behavior from any country especially one as evil and irresponsible as Iran, or we risk opening a Pandora’s box.

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