Protester Dies In Pakistan – Killed by American Flag

Often there are tragic stories that are sad and have no redeeming qualities.  There are happy or motivational stories that give us inspiration.  Then there are stories that end badly for an individual that just make you laugh because of the sheer stupidity.  As protests continue in many parts of the world, American Flags are being burned in record numbers.  This is the story of a man in Pakistan who was involved in burning as many as three American flags who was rushed to the hospital after complaining of feeling unwell.  He died at the hospital from complications of breathing in the smoke from the American Flags.  He literally died of flag inhalation.  It points to just how ignorant some of these protesters are.  This misguided individual will probably be given a heroes send off for being too stupid to realize that breathing in smoke, can be bad for your health.  Let that be a lesson to the rest of the world.  That’s how powerful the USA remains, even her burning flags can kill.

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