Judo Throw #16 – Tomoenage – (Circular or Somersault Throw)

I refer to Tomoenage as the Captain Kirk throw because he used this throw in at least a couple of Star Trek episodes.  It’s a throw that is the definition of Judo since the tori gives ground and uses the uki’s force to execute the throw.  To begin, tori and uki square off.  In form practice, tori pushes uki backwards, uki then pushes back and tori steps deeply between uki’s legs with either the right or left foot.  For our purposes, tori steps in with left foot.  Tori then drops to the ground, bends right knee and plants right foot in to uki’s lower abdomen.  Tori pulls straight down with hands and at the same time straightens right leg and throws in a circular motion.  It is a highly effective self-defense throw against a push or any forward aggression from an attacker.

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