Judo Throw #17 – Uchi Mata – Inner Thigh Throw

Uchi Mata is a great throw but it can be difficult to pull off.  The person attempting it must be one hundred percent committed to executing it.  To begin, tori and uki start out in kumi kata position.  On the right side, tori breaks uki’s balance to his right, front, corner.  Like Harai Goshi and Hane Goshi, this is a half hip throw.  As tori steps in slightly with his left foot, he pulls uki’s right arm across his body.  Tori then sweeps uki’s left inner thigh with the back of tori’s right thigh.  The throw must be executed precisely at the moment the uki is trying to shift his weight to his left foot.  Note: This throw will not work well if the uki or opponent is much taller than the tori or person executing it.  If executed properly the tori may well be off-balance following the throw.

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