Man Mauled By Tiger After Jumping Into Tiger Den At Bronx Zoo

At first glance this story appeared very tragic.  Poor man is walking by the tiger den and somehow the tiger escapes and mauls him.  That actually happened in San Francisco on Christmas in 2007 when a tiger escaped from its cage and killed one man and injured two others.  But as it turns out, that’s not what happened here at all.  In fact, this man jumped twenty feet from the monorail in to the tiger den.  One of the tiger’s did rough him up a bit but, even the tiger couldn’t believe it, or else that poor guy would have been cut to ribbons.  Zoo workers rescued the man by using fire extinguishers to hold off the big cats.  At that point the man was able to roll under the fence to safety.  But of course this raises many questions.  If this was some kind of suicide attempt it was a bad one.  Perhaps he just wanted to see what it would be like to be fed to a tiger.  If that’s the case, he succeeded.  If it was a botched suicide attempt he obviously didn’t want to die because he did roll under the fence when instructed by zoo workers.  This is just one of those stories where you put your hands up and say, “What was that guy thinking”?  Well, all’s well that ends well.   And he certainly got his money’s worth.  No one can claim they had a better view of the tigers than he that day.

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