Chevy Volt – Still The Future of the Auto Industry

My Volt is now eighteen months old and it’s as great as the day I drove it off the dealer’s lot.  There is nothing this car doesn`t do well.  It drives beautifully, it`s quick, particularly in `sport mode` and its technologically at the forefront of the auto industry.   Today I was driving along a major thoroughfare in New York when I came to a red light.  Even after eighteen months I still forget how much interest the Volt demands.  The woman next to me beeped the horn a few times and asked me to roll down the window which I did.  She was driving an E-Class Mercedes and asked me how I liked the car.  Her exact phraseology was “Do you love it, to which I replied, it could only be better if it was a convertible.  Quite simply, the Volt is a great car, not just a great electric car”.  There’s a reason Volt owners are so passionate about their autos, we are in at the ground level of ground breaking technology.  Regardless of ones opinion of the future of the auto industry, one thing is certain, there is a finite supply of fossil based fuel, whether it’s fifty years or one hundred fifty years.  So before we reach that point, we have the opportunity to change history because we can, not out of necessity.  And in case you haven’t noticed, gas prices across the country are still hovering at or above $4.00 per gallon.  Volt owners are a part of a revolution; an evolution.  Even the Volt`s generator, which runs on gas will become obsolete but it`s a stepping stone to better, smaller and lighter battery packs that will eventually change the way we drive.  Yes I appreciate the sound of a big V-8 grumbling as it awaits for its owner to step on the gas to bring it to life.  But that time is roaring to an end.  The sooner that realization hits the average American car owner, the better.  We need to embrace the future of the auto industry.  There are auto makers who have already proven the electric car can be every bit as fast and fun to drive as conventional automobiles so no need for traditionalists to be concerned.  When the September car sales results are released they should hopefully, continue to tell a story of improving Volt sales.  The more people who have access to the car, the faster the word will spread about its competence.  The key is making it accessible to everyone and that day is quickly approaching.

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